For the first time, the "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers" (ICANN) has provided the opportunity to openly register new Top-Level Domains. Around 1.200 new domain endings like .shop, .berlin or .youtube will make it possible for brands and interest groups to create thematically bound spaces within the Internet. This will change the structure of the Internet – and boost its diversity and communicative power. dotHIV will establish the Top-Level Domain .hiv as the Red Ribbon of the digital age. .hiv domains will generate funds to better access to life saving treatment for those in need around the globe, raise awareness of the topic HIV/AIDS and work against the stigmatization of people living with the virus.


Kiddify is a video platform where children (6-14 years) are encouraged to share their knowledge, creativity and talent with other children. Children have the opportunity to present their own home videos via the platform (e.g. baking muffins, playing the piano, skateboarding tricks, and apps they have created themselves). In the future, children from different countries will be able to exchange via Kiddify, helping them to expand their understanding of languages and cultures. Various collaborations with different organizations are in preparation, so that children from developing countries have access to Kiddify.

Coffee Circle

Coffee Circle has two objectives: to choose coffee, trade, and roast in a way that we all regain an understanding of good coffee. And to make the greatest possible social impact in the environment for the people who grow and harvest the coffee. After talking personally to the coffee farmers, the founders learnt that the most support is required in the areas of health, education and water, which is why Coffee Circle decided to implement their own development projects. For every kilogram of coffee sold, one Euro is given back to the local farmers. Since it was founded in 2010, a total of over 5,000 farmers and their families have been reached.