The Tengelmann Group has a long-established tradition to social projects and sustainability. We endeavour to continue these values at Tengelmann Social Ventures GmbH:

Tengelmann Ventures invests in fast-growing young internet companies under the motto “Funding your ideas”. In 2011, we invested in Coffee Circle realising that the concept of social enterprises was an extremely innovative one. Coffee Circle buys sustainable coffee from Ethiopian farmers, and for every kilogram of coffee that’s sold; one Euro is invested in local development projects (e.g. building of schools and wells). As a result of the positive development and response we’ve received, and continue to receive from Coffee Circle, we decided to expand these ventures further.

Tengelmann Social Ventures GmbH was founded as a subsidiary company of Tengelmann Ventures GmbH and is a 100% subsidiary of the Tengelmann Group. Tengelmann Social Ventures GmbH’s goal is to finance social businesses and to offer support and advice to Social Entrepreneurs. 

Good social business ideas are often not pursued in the early stages, due to lack of capital and insufficient consultation. We aim to close this gap with our involvement in the early stages. In addition, our goal is to increase awareness of the impact of investment in Germany, and by doing so, hope to gain more investors for our ventures.